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Mani-SarmaI am Mani Sarma. Born as the Sun was inching towards the spring equinox of 1959, in Andhra near the Odisha state border. Graduated with Commerce and Law. Walked out of my teens with an abiding passion for astrology. For the past three decades plus, spent my days filled with learning the Shastra and applying it in my day to day client consultation work.

Vedic astrology is my main stay. But I have kept myself abreast with all the new developments in the field of astrology all over the English speaking world. I do follow the Western use of the planets beyond Saturn and other timing methods. But these are used to double check ideas and insights got through the Vedic method. I am eclectic in my methodology and approach to deliver better value addition to the consulting client.

My approach in astrological consultation is to empower the client by frankly interpreting the symbolism of the horoscope to him/her with minimum of jargon. Active collaboration between the astrologer and the client can result in a useful and meaningful outcome. When handled with proper knowledge and maturity, horoscope reading can be one valuable facet of Decision Support System.

Like any other ancient body of knowledge, astrology too had its phases of astounding growth and abysmal decadence. But with the ease of use of computers, rediscovery and availability of the Hellenistic and Medieval texts in English translations, and the new wave of discourse and dissemination of knowledge through the medium of the internet, astrology is again poised to gain the place it deserves in contributing to human happiness. This would be my endeavour too.

अनुद्वेगकरं वाक्यं सत्यं प्रियहितं च यत्।

स्वाध्यायाभ्यसनं चैव वाङ्मयं तप उच्यत॥

Calm speech – which is truthful, pleasing and beneficent, like regular chanting of the Veda, is a way of penance (Tapas).

Insight Blog

What’s Ahead?

The Insight Blog is about astrological insight. Here, through my posts, I comment on people, events and goings on around us, my take on the world, – from the astrological point of view. May be you would allow me to say – from astro vantage point. I hope not to let in any dogma or pontification , surely no holier than thou stuff. Simply, I offer you a ring side seat on how I try to make sense of astrology and the day to day world around us.

My approach in discussing a horoscope or situation is not that of solving a puzzle, where the last piece of jigsaw clicks into place and there is solution and revelation. It is more of trying to tease out meaning, thread by thread. Quite conscious of the mysteries of life staying elusive in spite of these tools, and all the striving.

Please check the posts and, if you may, add a line of comment! You are welcome to be generous!!

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फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयंति मनीषिणः |

को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमॆकं वेधसम् विना ||

Pundits endowed with vision and humility, by tracking the planets may possibly indicate shape of things to come. But who except Brahma can spell out the nuances!


I offer astrological consultation. Personal, one on one consultation is my strength. I have been at it since 1986. Authentic and useful consultation is what I aim at and achieve.

Authentic as per the cardinal principles of astrology. Useful for you to make sense of your opportunities and challenges. I do it in plain language. That makes sense for you. With as little of astro jargon as possible. And absolutely no supernatural mumbo jumbo. No routine puerile pep talk either. So that a reading of your horoscope is a way to empower you. By making you understand your unique strengths. And caution you of possible pitfalls. To suggest a path when you hit fork on the road. A peek into the future!

I don’t sell gem stones, talismans or yantras. In short, I don’t sell stuff. I only offer my insight into your horoscope. Genuine, learned, accurate, incisive and authentic. Which can be put to good use. I have studious astrological learning and scorching experience of three decades under my belt. I don’t claim infallibility. I do assert my competence.

If you like to order a personal consultation, please be assured that client privileges and confidentiality are uncompromisingly maintained here.

Ordering a reading of your horoscope is a simple two step process. You send me your birth details. (That is, name, date and time of birth and place of birth). I make the your horoscope. We discuss.

Step 1. Send in your birth details (Please scroll to the form and fill it up)

Step 2. Make the payment. (My bank details)

I will get back to you on phone or mail as per your indicated preference and schedule the consultation within two/three business days, from the time payment is received at my end. Before the scheduled consultation, you will be mailed the horoscope and any other relevant transit lists etc.

As soon as the consultation is completed, a link will be sent to your mail id to download the entire discussion of your horoscope. I record the two way conversation with your permission. Well within a week, if you feel the need for any clarification or additional exposition, you get time.


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